• The preprint of our model-based hypothesis framework to define and estimate the diel niche using our bespoke R package (Diel.Niche) is now available on Biorxiv.

  • Our Diel.Niche R package is now live:

  • The di(el)ves have processed 8.6 MILLION records spanning 39 countries and almost 20k sites. We have frozen our data, wrapping up our data checks, and starting our analyses in Sep/Oct 2022. The fun begins!

  • We ended the summer of 2022 with over 7 million records from more than 35 countries and a tally of ten thousand years equivalent of camera trap nights across sites. We are wrapping up preliminary processing and transitioning to analysis in September 2022.

  • We have over 3 million records from more than 8000 sites spanning 20 countries (and counting) as of June 2022. The data is continuing to roll in!

Check out our maps page for our current processed data summary maps. Hover over different countries in the maps to get country-specific summaries.

  • The project website is live. Stay tuned for more project updates!

Objectives and timelines

  • Data analysis - ongoing - tentatively should be completed by Sep/Oct 2022

  • Data collation - ongoing - tentatively should be completed by August 2022

  • Diel model framework - ongoing - tentatively should be completed by July 2022

  • Development of a use and selection diel categorization - completed

  • Development of processing scripts for initial processing of datasets - completed

  • Development of project website to track project status - completed